Amalfi, the long over due post.


The perfect place to lay your head in Amalfi.

our sweet balcony, originally uploaded by luvmycapn.

Our sweet balcony. Ahhhh. How I wish I was sitting there right now. Our stay at the Residenza del Duca was absolutely perfect. I miss being here. The warmest family run b&b. Daniela, Andrea and Gerato – a father and his two children.

This is me having what was likely my second cappucino of the morning. Gerato would make as many as you wanted with a smile. What a treat!! 


This is the view from our balcony. And here is Brandon looking content as can be.

Here is an interior shot of the room – very nice.

The bus drops you off in the quaint town of Amalfi. We came in from Rome by train to Salerno and then took the bus to Amalfi. At the drop off point, this beautiful fountain greets you. I just love the moss growing and the rain “falling” from the umbrella’s edges.

Another view of the fountain below:

Walk away from the ocean and you will soon find yourself in the small square filled with shops, restaurants and gelaterias not to mention the dominating church and the staircase leading to this Cathedral that dates to the 12th century and contains the bones of Saint Peter.

A walk through the one road town leads you up the mountain.

One of the many small cars in Italy. I love the red color.

There is nothing like the Italian sky.


I love my guy. 🙂

I had to have this apron!



3 Responses to “Amalfi, the long over due post.”

  1. oh you’re making me sick… but in a good way, of course 😀 God how I long to be there! Gorgeous photos btw!

  2. 2 kikiluv

    Thanks! You’ll be there soon and I’ll be the jealous one.

  3. 3 Sarah Gregory

    We have decided to honeymoon in Italy – 1 week Tuscany, 1 week Amalfi/Capri! Thank you so much for your ideas and help. I have already emailed the b&b in Amalfi, you Rock!

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