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Did any one watch LOST tonight? Am I the only one who thought they had done something horribly wrong to their television? For a minute (ok, several) I thought I had turned on that annoying pop up on the bottom of the tv screen that felt the need to explain every minute detail of previous episodes. It’s bad […]

sam pink, originally uploaded by luvmycapn. I know I dropped the ball last weekend so here is an extra pretty in pink version for you. And yes, that is a Christmas Tree in the flower box and yes it’s almost February. The really embarrasing truth is the tree has been there since last Christmas.

sharklimo, originally uploaded by luvmycapn. So, while out walking my dog today I stumbled upon this limo in the neighborhood. I have no words.

The Sun


bluesky, originally uploaded by luvmycapn. After more than a week of gray, wet weather, the sun finally showed its face today. I took advantage of the 68* temps, took the dog on a walk, went to gym and stopped in at my favorite lunch spot, the San Francisco Bakery. It’s been a fantastic day.



I am a new fan of the show, Simply Delicioso, with Ingrid Hoffman on the Food Network. She has great recipes that are simple and full of flavor. I absolutely love her personality, too. Here is what I want to make next from her show: Red Bean Beach Salad & Plantains Chips Patacones   This salad […]



My next door neighbors house caught fire tonight. I watched from my own living room the flames grow higher and higher threatening to visit me more personally. I could feel the heat from the flames even though I was safely inside my own house. Well, I wasn’t sure if I was safe or if I […]

Live at Emo’s, Austin, Texas.

I know this is a little blurry but I just love her face here. More Photo Cat Sunday fun. This photo was edited with fotoflexer, a new photo editing toy I found that is also free & web-based. It allows you to connect with flickr. I’ve been using flickr for free and with this picture […]



I just finished watching this movie. It’s so beautiful and simple.