I don’t get it.


I have kept a recent promise to myself to read more and I am enjoying very much keeping this promise as I’m sure it’s calmed me a little and nothing like a good book to help you go to sleep. Not to mention, I’m certain it’s doing wonders for my vocabulary. At least I have gotten into the habit of speaking like that of a lady at court 😉 hah!

I went to the Half Priced Book Store near my house on Sunday to buy some new books. I took back the three I purchased there a few weeks ago. In return, they gave me $2.50 in cash. Considering I paid about $25 I guess a 10% return isn’t too bad though I would of course been happy with more. The books I returned were:

My favorite was The Other Bolyen Girl. Angels & Demons was an exciting read and The Kite Runner grew on me midway through but it was a bit slow to start. I decided to buy two more by Philippa Gregory who wrote ..Bolyen Girl and testing deeper waters bought the classic novel, Anna Karenina. I’m about 50 pages in and I’m bored to tears. I pray that once the heroine is finally introduced that it will become the book I can’t put down. Until then..ugh, it’s hardly readable. The language itself is difficult to follow because it so outdated. The characters so far introduced are utterly boring.

Has anyone read this book? Did you love it or am I wasting my time?


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