Texas vs Arkansas State: 21-13


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Saturday night was the first game of the Longhorn football season against Arkansas State. What should have been a complete romp turned into a lucky win. Spoiled after a National Championship with our fearless leader, Vince Young, and a decent season out of new quarterback, Colt McCoy, we’ve all gotten a bit used to dominating teams effortlessly. Not so much this time around. In new seats (the stadium is being remodeled) and missing our game going buddies The Browns (who ironically moved to the state of Arkansas) it just didn’t feel the same. Gone was the excitement of friends cheering next to you. In their place were strangers who seemed irriatated that they couldn’t claim even more space than their stupid padded chairs allowed. Screw those guys.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe Horns barely showed up to play and the fans could barely muster a few Texas Fights to rally their team. Maybe it was the heat? It was so freaking hot. At least they had some sense to not have a start time of Noon this year in August. It’s Texas and probably the hottest month of the year. Being in the stadium is like being an ant held under the magnifying glass waiting to be fried. While the Horns did win it wasn’t a convincing one. They better bring their A game next week against the TCU Hornfrogs. A small private school in Dallas who are being hyped up this year. They better not play down like they so often do thinking they can just scrape by. They better play like their lives depending on it.


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