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I can hardly believe our trip to Italy is so near. This photo I found on the Slow Travel web site was taken by B&J from Nebraska on my birthday, Nov. 21, 2006. It seems almost poetic that this beautiful photo I stumbled upon was taken on my birthday last year. She calls it the […]

Rome the series


I just started watching the series, Rome, on dvd and I love it! So, of course, it has to be canceled. This is so not fair. Why do they take all of the good shows away and leave us with all of the crap. God knows how long we’ll have to suffer through stupid programs […]

I have kept a recent promise to myself to read more and I am enjoying very much keeping this promise as I’m sure it’s calmed me a little and nothing like a good book to help you go to sleep. Not to mention, I’m certain it’s doing wonders for my vocabulary. At least I have […]

Saturday night was the first game of the Longhorn football season against Arkansas State. What should have been a complete romp turned into a lucky win. Spoiled after a National Championship with our fearless leader, Vince Young, and a decent season out of new quarterback, Colt McCoy, we’ve all gotten a bit used to dominating […]