Maybe one day I’ll visit Otranto, located in Southern Italy, near Lecce, in the Puglia region. Otranto occupies the site of the ancient Hydrus or Hydruntum, a town of Greek origin, which, in the wars of Pyrrhus and of Hannibal sided against Rome. With a history of control by the Romans, the Byzantines, the Neopolitans and then the Turks back to the other guys…800 beheadings…blah, blah, blah…looks pretty sweet doesn’t it?

You can read more about Otranto here.


One Response to “Otranto”

  1. well if you put it that way.
    i always thought castles and castle cities are not sweet at all. They are places of great beauty and cruelty. We have Monemvasia, a castle town in southern greece and lovers go there on romantic weekends. i can never understand why. It’s a wild scenery above the raging sea that brings to mind pirates and knights and as you say beheadings. 🙂

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