Where’s the travel in my obsession?


I realize I haven’t posted much on travel lately. There are days when I see my blog’s lack of travel related posts and I start to feel guilty as if I’ve let somebody down. I feel like an imposter 😉 I guess I shouldn’t put much thought into all this as it is just a blog. Blogs should be fun and not something that I feel obligated to write. Still, I should do more travel blogging. I promise to make more of an effort.

But hey, don’t forget that my trip to Italy is only a little more than ONE month away!! Can you believe it? I can’t. My husband even said it feels like it has come too soon. Too soon, I asked!?! That’s silly. He said that for our last trip he had a big map of Italy up on our wall. I guess he thought that map made things more official. I for one don’t need a map on the wall to know the trip is just around the corner. I feel it every time I see a plane in the sky. That nervousness. God how I hate to fly. Even though I think I’ve gotten better at being more relaxed while flying this will be the first overseas flight in some time. I just wish I could have pleasant thoughts when I saw a plane high in the sky instead of the not so pleasant, stop thinking that, type of thoughts. Can someone please slap me next time?

I just read on Wandering Italy blog that the Italians are getting fatter! I am so happy to hear that! Is that terrible of me? I admit I feel like I need to quickly loose 10 pounds before October. I would hate to encounter the same humiliation as my last visit when I was turned away from a Roman shop because I was “too big” to try on one of their garments. Needless to say, I wasn’t too big just not 5′ and 90 lbs. Does anyone know how to say “fuck off” in Italian? You know, just in case I need to tell some tiny size 0 shop girl just what I think of her snotty attitude.


3 Responses to “Where’s the travel in my obsession?”

  1. The trustworthy old ‘vaffanculo!’ goes a long way 😉
    One month away! God I’m jealous. Although I did book my apartment today, so my trip suddenly seems very real too even though it’s 10 months 29 days away…

  2. you are definitely NOT big. On the contrary. Did you go to a kid’s shop maybe?
    And thanks for the Roisin Murphy song. I love it. You are the sweetest. My best friend will be in Italy about the same time as you. I am so envious. xxxx

  3. 3 kikiluv

    Thanks Annika! Vaffanculo it is then 🙂 That sounds similar to Spanish..at least the culo part which I think has to do with your ass.
    Congrats on booking the apartment. I know that means a lot to you.

    No they were just regular shops for women. My diet starts today.
    Maybe your best friend in I should meet up and have a drink in your honor!!

    I am so happy you both dropped by.

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