john.jpgMy friend J came in from NYC and we had a chance to meet up for a quick drink at the San Jose Hotel bar for a michilada! Michi’s are my favorite summertime drink and now that the rain has stopped it’s definitely HOT.


We had a great visit altough a short one. I took this photo in honor of my friend K who moved to NYC to persue his dream of becoming an actor. K and I used to hit up the San Jose for michis and dish the gossip (which there was always plenty)! I miss him so much! Here’s to you, my favorite New Yorker.


2 Responses to “Cheers”

  1. 1 Kathy


    So what is a Michi, anyway? inquiring minds want to know!

  2. 2 kikiluv

    Michi’s aka Michilada is a beer served on ice with lime juice, salt, a bit of tobasco and whorstershire (however you spell it) and I just learned what makes the San Jose version such a stand out is soy sauce! That concoction takes up the bottom portion of the glass and you pour in your favorite beer on top. Light beers are best. Modelo especial is a great choice.

    Be sure to ask for a “michilada” noone will know what a “michi” is and you’ll get weird looks. That’s just a term my friend and I made up!

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