The Holiday


So, I’ve been thinking I could include movie reviews or comments on my blog. I very much love films and even though my blog is titled Travel Obsession I do have a certain obession..maybe affection is a better word for movies..films..whatever you want to call them. But just because I love travel doesn’t mean I can’t love movies, right? Right. God, I feel like I have to be overly ? I can’t even think of the right word! when I speak of movies and maybe that’s why I think I should call them films. Like if I refer to the movie as a film perhaps that makes me sound more authoratative on the subject. Am I even making any sense? I don’t feel I do much lately. Ugh..No, it does. I know what it’s all’s that part of me that has been convinced somewhere along the way that every movie should or has to be an Oscar nominee to be truly enjoyed and appreciated. Well screw that…it’s just not so.

Anyway, I started to write something about this film (ha) and as usual my mind goes off track. I loved this movie. I think about halfway through and until the end I cried. It was sappy. Corny. There is a line in the movie where Kate Winslet says “I’m looking for more corny in my life.” and as corny as that line is I totally know what she meant. Sometimes you just need more corny. So, if you feel that way or even if you aren’t sure if you do, just rent the movie. I don’t think you’ll be too disappointed. And you don’t even have to tell anyone. Your secret will be safe with me.


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  1. I loved The Holiday!

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