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My husband has been a member of the band, Steamroller, since we met forever ago and he just forwarded me the funniest thing ever – members of Steamroller in Simpson like cartoon fashion. So freaking hilarious. Needless to say, besides being an incredible dork, one of the bandmates, Kevin, is a HUGE Simpson fan. But […]



 Possible chance of rain. I seriously think it might flood in our house if this rain doesn’t stop soon. No chance of that this week. I think we have a 90% chance of rain tomorrow. Who wants to come to Austin?

The Holiday


So, I’ve been thinking I could include movie reviews or comments on my blog. I very much love films and even though my blog is titled Travel Obsession I do have a certain obession..maybe affection is a better word for movies..films..whatever you want to call them. But just because I love travel doesn’t mean I […]

We saw the latest HP movie yesterday and I have to say it’s my favorite one to date. Now, I’m not an obsessed HP fan so it should be no surprise that I didn’t wait in line for the last book but even I am tempted to grab the last Potter installment after seeing Order […]

 Scarpetta Pizza Calde calde Two of my favorite things: cheese and dessert. I admit I stole these photos from really rome where you can get even more details so be sure to check her out. Doesn’t this look sinful? Yum, yum, yum. Now to just figure out where Largo Argentina is..maybe it’s near the hotel we’ll […]



I have so many places I need to go to…note the word need..not want. This is one of them.