the Amalfi Coast


I can’t believe we’ll be here in October. I can only fantasize that it will be as beautiful in person..I’m sure it won’t be a disappointment.
I found this photo on the link above.

Whoever took these photos has an exceptional eye. I hope the pictures I come back with are even half as good. At least I’ll have taken them and with them will carry my own memories.


7 Responses to “the Amalfi Coast”

  1. 1 Annika

    No, it’s not as beautiful in real life. It is so much more beautiful, you won’t believe your eyes. Photos just can’t show you what it’s really like. Videos are better (did you see mine from Positano?) but still not anywhere near what it’s like when you’re there. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me.

  2. 2 kiki

    I’m sure you are right. No, I haven’t seen your video. I’ll have to watch it from home one day. I have seen the live web cam shots though..found the link somewhere..looks so amazing. I’m wondering what the weather will be like in October..if it’s too cold for dip in the water or not.
    I’ve been reading your friend’s blog, The Life I Chose and I love it! I was going to send you a note to check it out until I was scrolling thru her archives from October to see pics and read about her mum and the drawing you sent. That brought tears to my eyes. You are such a thoughtful person.

  3. 3 Annika

    Positano, April 2007, video

    If this fall will be anything like last fall, it will still be hot in October. Also, the water should still be quite warm but obviously the Italians will think you’re crazy if you swim in October 🙂

  4. 4 kiki

    They can think anything they want! I’m not going all that way and not get in the water – that is, if it’s warm enough.

  5. 5 Annika

    I just remembered… Cynthia, who took that photo (cinziaphoto), is a beautiful blonde who I actually met briefly in Positano. She seemed really really nice, but I didn’t have much time to talk to her. 🙂 She is a phenomenal photographer!

  6. 6 Kathy


    I assure you that the Amalfi coast is just as fabulous as you expect it to be. I spent over a week alone at a friend’s place in Positano and it was a magical experience!

    Sitting out on that terrace overlooking the sea gave me such perspective. It’s all about savoring life, you know?

  7. 7 Confessions of Cleopantha

    It is absolutely gorgeous. lm sure you will love it. Oct is a good month to go it’s not too busy and the weather is usually mild so yes you can still have a swim and sunbake!!

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