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Say "cheese"


I’m discovering so many interesting people through this world of blogging. I feel a bit like a stalker or peeping tom but I’m having too much fun to stop. This was taken by a local photographer here in Austin. Her pictures are amazing. Advertisements

Dream big.


Last night I had a dream that we realized one day that we could simply drive to Italy. This came to a huge surprise to us as if we hadn’t known before that such a route existed much less that we were suddenly close enough to do so. In the dream, I even said to […]

I had forgotten how big a part the band, The Police, played in my life growing up. I loved The Police especially in high school and would drool over Sting in that Wrapped Around Your Finger video that played incessantly on MTV. The band, despite the lame Dallas audience, rocked liked I’m sure they did […]

I can’t believe we’ll be here in October. I can only fantasize that it will be as beautiful in person..I’m sure it won’t be a disappointment. I found this photo on the link above. Whoever took these photos has an exceptional eye. I hope the pictures I come back with are even half as […]



La Ropa Beach sunset below; Patz church (left) view from Il Mare restaurant/zihua above Patz funeral; garden of church to the left; palms on La Barra de Postosi beach to right of garden photo. Pastries in Patz. Hotel in Patz below (pink) Hotel statue above. “Pet” shop in cute. More La Barra below; another […]

Trip to PatzcuaroThursday morning (June 14, 2007) we took a cab from our hotel to the Parkhuni bus station located next door to Estrella de Oro. We purchased our tickets the day before as recommended by Pedro of Casa de Café fame. Luckily our concierge, Antonio told us about the Parkhuni line option in case […]

Arrived on Sunday, June 10, 2007 for our first time to Zihuatanejo. Got off the plane and it was the easiest trip through customs I’ve ever had. I think it took 2 minutes.Based on advice from the msg board we started looking for the taxis outside the gates of the airport. Along the way, a […]