Mexico trip


Well, this looks different. It’s been a terrifically long time since I’ve updated my blog. In fact, I couldn’t even remember by user name or password. Thank goodness someone else stored that info for me. So here I am again.

I’m in trip planning mode lately. Heading to Mexico soon. Zihuatanejo this time. It will be so nice to sit back on the beach and enjoy a cerveza. I’ve been reading this blog
to learn more about the area. What I’ve learned? Perhaps Mexico isn’t as safe as it used to appears there might be a bit of corruption when it comes to the gov’t types…go figure. I guess drug trafficing is becoming more and more of an issue. And considering the local police have to pay for every round of ammo they fire…I guess they don’t chase after the bads guys very often. Hoping we’ll be safe. Also, the people on this board can be bitchy.
But that seems common amongst msg boards. They all know best and some can be downright mean. And don’t go saying anything even remotely negative about the place they live. Even though they complain themselves. I guess they don’t want to hear it from someone else. to hit publish and see what becomes of my blogging attempt. Here’s to 2007! May I not pull my hair out every time I log on to this thing.


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