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Trip to Italy


We are planning a much long-awaited trip to Italy. It’s been 7 years since our last and only visit and to say we are excited at the thought of returning is an understatement!Our plans include Rome, Amalfi and Venice! I think I’m most excited for Venice since we had to cancel that leg of our […]

Check out a little Shakespear under the stars for FREE at the Zilker Hillside Theatre (just across from Barton Springs) this Friday, Saturday, Sunday at 8pm. Head over with a group of friends, have a picnic, bring some drinks (on the d-l) and enjoy a beautiful evening replete with fireflies and FREE Shakespeare!

What in the world is wrong with people? I wonder where some people get off thinking something is any of their damn business. These damn message board people..I mean, you really think you have some right to tell me what to do with my time on my trip? You are soooooooooo self rightous and condescending. […]

My mexican adventure can’t come soon enough. Not much longer to go, thank goodness! Here’s a photo of the view from the hotel we’ll be staying at in Zihua.

Mexico trip


Well, this looks different. It’s been a terrifically long time since I’ve updated my blog. In fact, I couldn’t even remember by user name or password. Thank goodness someone else stored that info for me. So here I am again. I’m in trip planning mode lately. Heading to Mexico soon. Zihuatanejo this time. It will […]